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http_error_handler Class Reference

#include <http_error.h>

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Detailed Description

file: etc/include/http_error.h This file implemented a new and improved error handler that let's the administrator implement themed error messages on a per-server basis. cvs_version:
http_error.h,v 2005/01/03 17:01:16 kiwi Exp
class: http_error_handler This is the new HTTP error handler, which tried to make all the error messages look constant and nice in a per-server basis. A possible fixme is the need to clear the template file out of the on a change. I will look at this in the near future.

Definition at line 46 of file http_error.h.

Private Member Functions

private string _tag_error (string tag, mapping args, mapping the_error)
private mapping get_template (string _template_name, object id)
private string get_template_data (string _name, object id)
public mapping handle_error (int error_code, string error_name, string error_message, object id)
void init ()
private mixed my_get_file (string _file, object id)
public mapping process_error (object id, void|int _error_code, void|string _error_name, void|string _error_message)

Private Attributes

inherit caudiumlib
private int debug = 0
private string default_data = #string "ERROR.html"
private mapping default_template
private mapping extra_help
private int inhibit_report = 0
private mapping last_resort_error

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